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Freight transport

Whatever your type of goods, and whatever the day or time, count on us for a total control of your freight so that it arrives where, when and how YOU WANT IT.

Our computerized system is directly linked to the satellite system of each power unit, which provides instantaneous information to the distribution.

Transportation procurement has become a cyclical process in which standard and specialized services are offered by our company. Shippers must consider several factors in their shipping strategy for their goods.

Becoming and maintaining OUR CHOICE SENDER STATUS with service providers is an essential part of our tendering strategy. Staying at the forefront of freight operational characteristics helps us as service providers to establish accurate prices and build trust among our customers and provide them with the service that best suits their needs.  


For our company; the strategy, evaluation and adjustments made to the conditions of transport make a shipper's freight more attractive and less expensive.  We are able to answer all your questions regarding the transport of your goods . 

Transportation of dangerous substances

Monam Industries Inc. est is attentive to this type of cargo and uses appropriate methods and equipment to minimize the risk of incidents. 

Know and understand the regulations on the transport of dangerous goods in order to carry out transport movements safely and correctly. Transporting certain substances by road requires specific precautions. In case of an accident, the substances could create a toxic cloud, an explosion, a fire, or corrosive liquid could leak. 


Storage and handling service

In season, we offer a heated service in full charge
or in partial lots according to the needs of our customers.

For temporary or longer-term storage, we have the space to accommodate you with a personalized service, mainly dedicated to dry goods.

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